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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Result of BCA IV Sem Regular June 2021

All Students of BCA IV Sem Regular June 2021, download your result from given link.

1. Abhay Sharma Click here

2. Abhishek Kumar Singh Click here

3. Anshu Raja  Click here

4. Chandrapal Click here

5. Hardik Sharma Click here

6. Mukesh Singh Click here

7. Neeraj Gawda Click here

8. Rahul Sachdeva Click here

9. Raj Khare  Click here

10. Ramraja Click here

11. Saurabh Yadav Click here

12. Siddharth Singh Chauhan Click here

13. Tarish Khan Click here

14. Shivani Singh Click here

Topper of  BCA IV Sem Session June 2021

1st Rank - ABHISHEK KUMAR SINGH -  83.84%

Well done!

****** Congrats on your achievement *****

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